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Should I Talk Beauty Or Not?

For the longest of time I had this misconception that beauty had to do only with makeup and since I'm not the make up kind of person (trust me I have tried and that's just not my department) I felt like adding a beauty section to my blog would just be ridiculous. But like I said since I accepted the fact that am not the make up kind of person I have been on this journey of finding what really fits me or what am comfortable with when it comes to make up or beauty.
               First of all am definitely not the type who likes heavy make up. I generally prefer the no make-up make up look which might seem easy to pull but is actually the hardest. and for the longest time I had failed to accept this part of me until recently when I eventually gave up on the whole make up thing. Generally we get make up to feel pretty but I noticed that I was Actually even more anxious when I had make up on. And being the type that isn't good at applying make up I generally had to have  peopl…


If i was told before that using a lip balm would be this life changing I would have hopped on that bandwagon a long time ago. I have come across a lot of ppl who prefer their lip balms to any other lip product and in fact theres this k-pop group I love and one of their members is quite obsessed with lip balms but for some reason I never really payed attention or asked what difference it made until i accidentally had to use one and since then I can't even leave the house without a lip balm in my hand bag.

             so it happened when I was travelling back home from school and as usual we all know that the air in the plane can be really dry and since am someone who has like really dry lips. Like I literally have to keep applying lip gloss to my lips or else I did look like I haven't had water in the past five days. Like they don't just get dry as a matter of fact they start to peel. And these happens literally every time - summer, winter what ever seas…


so guys i'm guessing this might be my most personal blog post yet since am not the type to share really personal stuff or what I consider really personal. But come on, there can be exceptions especially in times like this when I feel like I owe you guys an apology for been away for quite a long time.                    so what have I been up to? well first of all I graduated YAH!!!!!!! Which is super exiting yet scary cause I'm now an adult with more responsibility especially at such young age of 20. There's people who have said am too young and those who didn't even have any comment at all but none the less am just really grateful to God cause he brought me here. Another thought that I keep getting was that what if I actually missed out on having a regular university experience since I kinda rushed to finish my degree but anyways lets put that thought aside for now.

                       Another thing, I don't want to say an issue or maybe somet…