so guys i'm guessing this might be my most personal blog post yet since am not the type to share really personal stuff or what I consider really personal. But come on, there can be exceptions especially in times like this when I feel like I owe you guys an apology for been away for quite a long time. 
                  so what have I been up to? well first of all I graduated YAH!!!!!!! Which is super exiting yet scary cause I'm now an adult with more responsibility especially at such young age of 20. There's people who have said am too young and those who didn't even have any comment at all but none the less am just really grateful to God cause he brought me here. Another thought that I keep getting was that what if I actually missed out on having a regular university experience since I kinda rushed to finish my degree but anyways lets put that thought aside for now.

                       Another thing, I don't want to say an issue or maybe something else that I have struggled with and  decided to accept is concerning my style. lately, I have been feeling more feminine, wanting to wear more colors or liking outfits that are more playful which is like a complete opposite of what I used to like. So I just felt really caught up in btw whether to accept this new side of me or remain true to my style? I really just felt like lost especially with me being a fashion blogger and yet not having my own style. But I eventually concluded to just go with the flow and just dress how I eventually feel and be honest with myself cause that's what truly matters. And that was why I dressed in colors for my graduation.
                       Lastly, I have moved back home and it's definitely been a total shift. For those who don't know am Nigerian and where I stay in Nigeria isn't exactly like the most happening place but also not like very remote, its more like in the middle of these two extremes which was why I was worried but seeing my family and been able hear my parents voice across the room makes me even more happier. So I definitely look forward to sharing my experiences from home with you guys. 
So thats what I have been up to....



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