If i was told before that using a lip balm would be this life changing I would have hopped on that bandwagon a long time ago. I have come across a lot of ppl who prefer their lip balms to any other lip product and in fact theres this k-pop group I love and one of their members is quite obsessed with lip balms but for some reason I never really payed attention or asked what difference it made until i accidentally had to use one and since then I can't even leave the house without a lip balm in my hand bag.

             so it happened when I was travelling back home from school and as usual we all know that the air in the plane can be really dry and since am someone who has like really dry lips. Like I literally have to keep applying lip gloss to my lips or else I did look like I haven't had water in the past five days. Like they don't just get dry as a matter of fact they start to peel. And these happens literally every time - summer, winter what ever season, my lips just always always look chapped. so going back to my story since I started my journey in hurry I had forgotten to take my lip gloss with me and when i got to my first stop I was really uncomfortable. I had even asked some people I knew that took the same flight as me but they didn't have and that was when I had decided to buy a lip gloss or something. But when I got to duty free all I could find were lip balms so I had no choice but to get one and that was when my obsession - if you choose to call it that - began.

Now, why should you get a Lip Balm;

- Contains healthy ingredients. I can't say this for every lip balm out there but to an extent they do contain more natural ingredients especially if you are the type that cares about the ingredients of whatever products your using. Like the one am currently using contains Shea butter, castor oil, (jojoba) seed oil and so on and these are really familiar ingredient which makes me feel safe. So come on, I have no choice.
- Can be long lasting. Now this point can be generalised as there are other lip glosses that last long as well but none the less, its still a benefit of using a lip balm.
-Can treat dry lip conditions. Now not every lip gloss out there can help treat dry lip conditions. Yes they can make your lips feel moist as long as they are on your lips but they don't necessary improve your lip condition. Since I started using this balm I no longer have to remove as much dead skin cells and no longer as often as I used to before so thats a good plus.


           so now am not saying you should ditch your lip stick or lip glosses but in those times when you want to relax, have a makeup free day or when your at home or about to go to bed after a shower I highly recommended that you used a lip balm. Especially if you struggle with serious dry lips like I used to do, then what are you waiting for???????????

jhousepyhne xoxo...


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