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2017 in few words, i guess?

''Your thinking what if its not possible, well but what if it is''

A very last minute post.

''sometimes plan, but sometimes wing it''
           So welcome to my blog. If your visiting for the first time I hope this won't be your last visit and for those visitors that have been consistent you guys are the best.

       Now that we have the formalities out of the way i might as well start talking. So last weekend i had the opportunity of joining a class excursion to some historical sites here in Cyprus. At first I didn't have high expectations cause I had gone for a lot of these excursions in the past that I taught I would have visited most of the places we did eventually go to. I really want to keep this post as short as possible so I promise not to ramble on. I initially had no intention of writing a post concerning this visit which am sure you can tell by how no effort was put into providing better pictures. However,  thanks to the Instagram update which allows you to get access to previous stories and that was how I was able to salvage what I used f…


 "Your speed doesn't matter, forward is forward"  
Guess who's back after awhile, It's me. Hope you guys have been well. I decided to take the month of November to focus on my YouTube channel since i was just starting up. As i write this post it' s the 1st of December so happy new month. I also hope that in this Christmas season you will get to receive and show love from and to people around you. So for this post i will be sharing my favorite things from the month of November.

FACE SRUB First is this face srub. You know us ladies we like to have a little face care routine going on which was why i decided to try using a face srub last month. I actually didn't use it for long because shortly after i bought it i saw on a TV program that the little stones/seeds inside face scrubs aren't good for the environment especially when they get into the sea and are consumed by fishes. They are poisonous to the fishes. Being an environment activist that i am, my con…