Should I Talk Beauty Or Not?

                      For the longest of time I had this misconception that beauty had to do only with makeup and since I'm not the make up kind of person (trust me I have tried and that's just not my department) I felt like adding a beauty section to my blog would just be ridiculous. But like I said since I accepted the fact that am not the make up kind of person I have been on this journey of finding what really fits me or what am comfortable with when it comes to make up or beauty.

               First of all am definitely not the type who likes heavy make up. I generally prefer the no make-up make up look which might seem easy to pull but is actually the hardest. and for the longest time I had failed to accept this part of me until recently when I eventually gave up on the whole make up thing. Generally we get make up to feel pretty but I noticed that I was Actually even more anxious when I had make up on. And being the type that isn't good at applying make up I generally had to have  people do it for me and I just always felt as though the make up was too much or you don't even know whom your staring at in the mirror but every other person's reaction is ''oh its so pretty'' or ''I wish I had your face'' or the one I hear so often ''oh your skin is so smooth and perfect for makeup''. This eventually make me question myself am I really the one who doesn't know whats good for me or do they just see something different. (If you have experienced this then you would definitely know what am talking about).
                 Anyways fast forwarding to now I have decided to start being honest with my self and listening to how I feel about certain things and prioritizing my own feelings. Like for example even though I look good in make up if I listen to myself and go for a no make up look I might  would look even better than I did. because then am comfortable and happy with how I look. and all this eventually bring us to what we define as beautiful in our world today. 
                 Therefore if your like and you have been going in circles trying to figure out the whole make up thing and its not working for you, then maybe you should try accepting who you really are and looking up to ppl like you for inspiration. like more recently I have been loving the very natural look the duchess of Sussex goes for. Another thing you can do is get on the internet do your own research and try as much things as possible until I you eventually find what fits.
                  So lastly I just want to say I wont be adding a beauty section to my blog instead I will add a skincare section. Also, I wont be scared or think am not good enough to talk about topic related to beauty or share my own experience as I'm on this journey of finding whats good for me. Aiit that's my que ladies and gentlemen (by the way I always wonder if males do read my blog. what do you think?). See you later 💨💨💨.


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