Yes maybe the reason you misplaced that pen of yours under the mattress is so you can find the gold earring you misplaced awhile ago. Lately I have been the least confident person in the room always worrying about even the tinniest thing which makes no sense. And just like the song said - you only know you've been high when your feeling low, I came to the realization that I had lost myself for awhile. The feeling of knowing that something is missing yet you can't tell what it seems to be.
                And then just yesterday I met this woman whom I'm really shocked I never heard of. Because everyone around me was like ''you don't know that woman?'' and I was really blank. But the exact words she said were the exact words I needed to hear. To let me know I wasn't been rude, I was being bold, I wasn't looking down on people, I just knew what I wanted, that I wasn't weird, but there are people who share the same perspective as me, that I wasn't too independent, but a relationship can also be a luxury depending on what stage of your life your currently in.
              She helped me find what I had lost. I had lost the me in me to my fears. I had started to think oh maybe what if what people said about me was true? maybe I was just too proud or maybe I really did look down on people. Maybe I am really too serious that I don't get to enjoy life. But then what if enjoyment meant different things for us. For me enjoyment is been able to have a quality conversation that will make me think after departing from the person or spending alone time dancing widely to the songs I love. All this things that were a full part of me were defined as boring by the world which made me scared. I had begin to think that I needed to hide those parts of me so I don't feel boring to people especially here on my blog.
               But after meeting this lady - watching her I mean - the confidence she radiates and the words she altered all came together and answered the question I had not been able to answer for sometime now. This means I have now found the importance of being me again  and can't wait to share this new side of me with you guys.

               When I created this blog I wanted to create a space where I could express myself and also a place where like-minded people as me would feel welcomed and at home where they could also share what they thought with people that would understand them. I will try not to forget this and try to keep my promise with every post.

Here is the lady her name is Architect Jumoke Adenowo. I hope you can also learn a thing or two from her.

          Also just before I forget I wanted to let you guys know that I will be starting a new series her on the blog where I share a book I am currently writing. I know I am going to want to write something in the future so I am preparing myself ahead of time and practicing. I hope you guys enjoy it. HERE'S the synopsis. Aiit guys I think I have been talking for a long time so I will end it here. Enjoy!!! and have a wonderful day. kisses💜💜💜

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  1. Well what a great piece. your discovering is brilliant and this's influential. Sometimes you don't have to please everyone , we just have to be aware of what is good and remain confident of our choices. Nevertheless I can't wait to read your full book and how soon can that be?


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