Hello people......
             So I finally have a style related post after awhile. Left to me, I love to share my style here on the blog but I have come to realize that I find it really difficult to strike a pose for a picture especially when other people are around. It's like my head goes blank and I don't know what to do next. However, whilst taking today's picture I was really determined to blog this outfit which was why I pushed myself until I got pictures I could use.

             For today's outfit I am wearing a really casual black jean trouser with a milk colored top and the infamous plaid jacket. Since we are currently experiencing a transition from winter to spring it's usually hot and cold at different times of the day which is why I try to find a balance when it comes to my outfit these days. I paired thses trouser and top particularly with this jacket because it gives the entire outfit a girl boss kind-of vibe which I really wanted to radiate today since its international women's day. Lastly, I went with these boots to give me this elevated classy look thereby further adding to the girl boss vibe I was trying to portray. All in all, I really loved everything about this look and I actually felt like a real female boss as I went about my business the entire day.


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