''Finding inner peace is learning to enjoy your journey and giving yourself grace when things don't go as planned''

               Cause it didn't go as planned  was the only excuse I could come up with to explain why I have been feeling really down since the beginning of this week. And just in case your wondering what didn't go well - well its my weekend. Lets just say I had the whole weekend fully planned out and how I wanted to feel at the end but things just went the opposite instead which I'm sure you guys know what it feels like.

            However I have decided to dwell on the positives instead by shaking off all the bad energy and getting to work. I was suppose to have this up by Monday but I guess I was just too carried away by things that didn't matter. However, I'm okay now so lets get to the outfit.

             So this shoot didn't go as I initially wanted it however am still okay with the output cause it feels like I had a mini getaway to my dream world. It was suppose to be a style post but ended up been playful. As for the outfit, there isn't really much to say except that I was going for a BOSS look which by now you know is my go to kind of outfit. other than that everything was good and am happy to be back to my real self. Thanks for stopping by.


My little nerd talk:
I'm writing these here cause I didn't know how you guys were going to react to it. Well since I sort of a nerd and likes to look for connections and over analyze things, I did like to call your attention to the fusion of two totally different vibes in these pictures- one is nature which is represented by the environment in the picture and development represented by my choice of outfit (which can be traced to the workplace). And since all around the world we keep loosing our environment to development in the form of sky scrappers and the rest been the environmentalist that I am I just want to draw your attention to the fact that they can both exist beautifully and when next you find yourself in a situation related to choosing between both I hope you look for a way to have both of them coexist together.


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