by - February 10, 2018


                So as usual with the life update post it's to update you guys on what I have been up to. As you already know I was recently on Holiday but now school has resumed again and it's about to be another good semester (that is me speaking what I want into existence). So apart from that I had taken music lessons during the break cause I wanted to make a music cover for a song I really love (that I'm still working on), also I had plans of learning about business related stuff which I eventually postponed until I never got the chance to up till now. And from my previous post which told you I went for a birthday vacation and least I forget I also did my very first blogger outdoor shoot. I had all this done between January and the beginning of this month meaning I have done a lot in the year 2018 unlike the former Josephine which I am very proud of.
                   So guys that's what has been going on and now I just did my registration and school will be starting this Monday and obviously as more things happen along the way I will be sharing them with you guys. Until when next we meet (which is when next you visit the blog) take care. 💜💜💜


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