Hea guys am currently coming to you guys from my bed in my favorite position and I thought to myself - this is the perfect time to write that post you've been planning. Not that its anything huge, I just basically had my major outside shoot as a blogger. And this time around I styled 3 different outfits to shoot at ones and I had to used a mini suitcase to carry my things around, And so throughout the shoot I just couldn't help but think I was now becoming the blogger I imagine every night before I fall asleep.

       For this shoot, the initial goal was to curate a look-book but after I got back and watched the videos I made I actually had to think twice, I mean I  didn't expect my first ever look-book to look bomb ass but at the same time I wanted it to look like a look-book. Instead, I was just too all over the place barely stood for a minute and the rest, I don't know. However, that doesn't mean I won't be uploading the videos - so stay tuned.

      Now getting back to the styles I  put together....... too be honest it was just me mixing bits and pieces of my wardrobe together. Because I am blogger who just started and isn't blogging in cities like New York or even Paris and so on where as bloggers one at least has access to PR clothing agencies and can create new styles from a wide variety of outfits as oppose to my little closet, my style can seem simple but I hope your able to see the bits of me included in these outfits.

           So for this look I decided to style my best trousers with this nice turtle neck long-sleeves ( TNL ). Anyone who knows me knows I love my loose fitted jeans (or mom jeans) they are something that wont be leaving my wardrobe any time soon. Also mixing it with this TNL just gives this minimal feel and makes one stand out (but in a good way though).       
           Also I just wanted to add that I am still on the journey of finding my style and I know there are some college or Uni students out there just like me who want to dress better, find their style and look va va voom (don't be shock when I use old slang cause I might have been born in the wrong generation ) which is why with the blog I hope to be able to help people like me and through my journey help them find there styles as well. So dear, your free to join the train cause its about to be one hell of a ride 😁😁😁😁😁   

PS - overlook the dirty on my shoes its due to the rain




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