morning people 

            So recently I got invited to a birthday vacation which lasted for 3 days and two nights and I have got say I really enjoyed my stay there and I got a lot of free time to seriously think of what I wanted to do next and to realign my goals which I am really happy about. 
             In order not to bore you out with my not so interesting way of telling stories this post is about what I think is essential when it comes to packing for these kind of trips. I had initially thought that all I needed was to pack a few clothes and that was it but when I started packing I became really confused and ended up packing too much - at first though, which was why I thought I could help someone out there when they find themselves in the same situation. 
Therefore without any further ado here are my tips - 

  • First determine the theme of your trip. For instance are you going to spend time at the beach or is it more of sight seeing or probably indoor activities.
  • The next most important thing for me is to pack my underwear - as a girl I feel this is super important along with any other toiletries you might need.
  • When it comes to packing outfits try going for things that can be dressed two different ways like for instance a top that you can wear on a skirt and then with a trouser and jacket another time.
  • Lastly and most important you want to fold them well into your carrier because the way you fold your things determine the space you will have left for any other thing.
        And last but not the least I hope you have a wonderful escape from reality 😜😜
PS: I was too busy resting that I forgot to take more pictures BUT I promise to have better pictures next time. 



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