So instead of my daily diary input of how my day went I decided to write it here on the blog instead. I have a pattern of how I write in my diary. I usually first talk about my day - what happened, where I went to or what I did. After that, I  try to describe the day with one color. Then I write what I learnt that day followed by my wishes or prayers based on that day. I write this way because I want my diary to be readable and I want to be able to share it with others someday. So in order not to talk too much I will just skip to entering today's input 🏃🏃🏃

Dear g****                                              17/02/2018

        so today was fun. its a Saturday so I was able to sleep in and then I spoke to my dad this morning which I am very happy about. Also I finally got to customize those cups I bought for my sisters - which explains the picture above. I spent the whole day indoors so nothing really special happened today except that the book I am currently reading keeps getting interesting even though that's not the type of books I usually read. As for today I will describe it as blue - it wasn't a fun day day neither was it boring.It was just cool. What I learnt today is to cherish always what we currently have because you never know what happens later and your unable to do so. I miss home so much and I just didn't expect to miss them this much. Anyways as usually my number one prayer is for good health for my family and for growth - to continually better than our yesterday self. Anyways I will stop here for now and SEE YOU TOMORROW 💓💓


PS: As kids we tend to think its our right for our parents to always be there for us forgetting that they are also human and have things they'd love to do as well. Also I urge that you try to make effort in your relationship with your family as much as you do with your boyfriend or friends because trust me they are both as important as the other.

Good Night.



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