by - January 04, 2018

          Morning guys and if your reading this and it isn't morning where you are then good.......(what it is for your time). If you read my previous post you'd know I am currently writing my exams and am suppose to be studying right now. But you know those times when your suppose to be doing something more important but settle down for pressing your phone, well I did say that's how I feel at the moment.
        I came across this post just a few minutes ago whilst scrolling through Pinterest and something prompted me to share it on the blog because its a quote I really resonate with. And am sure for you also it might not be the first time seeing or reading it but I still wanted to remind you just in case you have forgotten about it. So dear, just as the quote says you need to stop beating yourself down for the decisions you made for yourself. Sometimes we have just got to be selfish and that's not a crime neither is it something to be ashamed of.
        Aiit I have got to go now as I need to prepare for my exams which is in 2 hours. See you next time. XOXO


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