by - January 29, 2018


  I decided to write this post just in case anyone was wondering. Well I am a university student in my final year actually and just like everyone else I am at that stage when you become really worried about what you want to do after school. But before that, lets go back memory lane a little.
           I am currently studying political science and international relations. Not that its what I love or a field I intend to work in. I remember when I was about graduating secondary school (high school) and had to choose a career path I had asked for a job that would enable me to travel as much as possible and I remember a lot of people pointed theirs hands at this course and that was how I ended up choosing it. After studying it for awhile one thing I can tell you is that its really boring which brings us to the importance of studying what you love cause I have some class mates who when we are in class their eyes shine as though there's a plate of ice cream in front of them and they get super excited asking questions and all that stuff which makes me wonder if they are all right or if I am the one with a problem.
             Along with studying a boring course came the need to cope with a difficult student life. I mean I was just a kid when I left home (not that I am winning or anything) just that I had to now cook for myself, manage my expenses, adapt to been alone away from my sisters (which you all did or are doing) and been an introvert just made it somewhat harder. I now also had to deal with how people viewed me - especially those who dismissed me as rude. All in all it was a real life roller coaster.

             All this made me more introverted I eventually lost the friends I had and did everything alone basically. This then gave me enough time to think of what I wanted to do. I was studying a course i didn't like and had to come up with a life plan. With that taught I decided to look for my purpose in life. I watched online classes and read books about finding once purpose which helped me reconnect with my childhood self - the things I loved, what it was like been a child and not worrying about a lot of things . And it was as though I had a revelation - FASHION WAS WHAT I HAD ALWAYS WANTED TO DO. Suddenly, I had started to vividly remember my childhood, how I  had loved to play with fabric and my moms sewing machine and it was as though everything just clicked and I knew I  wanted to work in fashion. Reading this your probably thinking this all happened in one day but no. It took me more than two years and even at this point I am not exactly sure what specific job type I want I just know I want to work in fashion.

        So that's basically my background story and yes from now on I just have to keep climbing the ladder of success and believing more in myself. Also I  will be sharing how I was able to find what I really loved and wanted to do - PURPOSE - so as to help anyone who is still at that stage of their lives.

P.S  we can't really find/understand our purpose at once its a never ending process in life.

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