"Your speed doesn't matter, forward is forward"  

        Guess who's back after awhile, It's me. Hope you guys have been well. I decided to take the month of November to focus on my YouTube channel since i was just starting up. As i write this post it' s the 1st of December so happy new month. I also hope that in this Christmas season you will get to receive and show love from and to people around you. So for this post i will be sharing my favorite things from the month of November.


First is this face srub. You know us ladies we like to have a little face care routine going on which was why i decided to try using a face srub last month. I actually didn't use it for long because shortly after i bought it i saw on a TV program that the little stones/seeds inside face scrubs aren't good for the environment especially when they get into the sea and are consumed by fishes. They are poisonous to the fishes. Being an environment activist that i am, my conscience immediately got the best of me and i had to stop using it. But for the little time i used it, I can say it was quite effective as i could feel that my pores where opened. Also after every wash i always felt fresh.


If your the type that follows trends, you would know that recently Polaroid glasses became a thing. And i can't help but love them. They just seem to add a sophisticated yet simple aura to an outfit which was why i couldn't help but get one for myself.


Lastly, It's my well woman multivitamins. Since am a university student I find it quite difficult to eat right. Most of the time am just too tired to think of what to eat which makes me go for the easy option of ordering food or just having a bunch of snacks. This really got me concerned and I started looking for ways to change this. Then someone recommended multivitamins. As much as they help, they still can't be substituted for eating well. SO if you decide to try this out make sure you try to still eat well from time to time. The good side is that it provides you with energy and am usually able to go a whole day without feeling tired unlike before.

                  That's all for my November favorites, If any of these are also on your list you can comment down below sharing your own experience. Also as an environmentalist i hope you cut down on you use of face scrub remember "Our kids are the future and we want to make sure we pass down a healthy earth" Thank you for stopping by my blog and have a wonderful weekend.


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