2017 in few words, i guess?


''Your thinking what if its not possible, well but what if it is''

So i just finished a church service and currently listening to one of my fave k-pop artist and got remembered ones again that the year is really coming to an end and soon we did be in 2018. And just like you right now the year 2017 flashed right before my eyes making me realize how much i have grown so far. Just the other day, I remember saying this particular quote (the one i have on the top of this post) over and over again. Its funny when we go through bad time we forget that those words do exist and stress out a lot about all the things we are going through only to look back and that all that  stressing wasn't worth it. I really don't know what this post is going to be about since i only started cause I got so excited thinking about all the things that God has seen me through so far. Like currently am on my desk typing this and singing out loud. I was never the type to like rock music but this song somehow made an exception. And oh something just poped into my head. I did like to share with you guys what i learnt this year and i will be sharing just one because i feel like one will stick better that many.
               so what i learnt this year is that

(1) you first have to fail at what you want to do( not just once mind you) to finally know what failure is and so wont fall for it the next time.

              I have had to quit and start all over again about 5 times but i don't regret those times at all because now i can say i finally know what i want. So when you you fail be it in anything never stop there stand up and try again whether its your studies, relationship, business or even relationship with yourself or GOD(like in my case). when you fail a couple of times, and you finally get to know that guy called failure then there will be nothing blocking your way any more because you will have mastered his game and know how to avoid him. SO THIS IS WHERE I WILL BE SIGNING OUT.


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