How i raised my confidence level.

         ''Confidence is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets''

 I know the tittle says how I raised my confidence level which will mean I am done raising my confidence level but that isn't really the case. The reason being that to gain confidence really needs time. Obviously, I am not yet where I want to be but I can say am on the way there. Been the old me I used to be the type to read meaning into everything people do and wonder about what they taught about. In fact, then I'd go to bed every night replaying almost all the conversation I have had throughout the day wondering about what impression I had on so so, and so. Well I guess majority of us kind of have those faces in our lives but am happy to have been able to recognize that and is working on it. Here is a list of things that worked for me and is still working for me and can be of help to you. 
- Get a new hobby 
I can't even begin to emphasize how helpful this has been for me. Getting a new hobby should definitely be at the top of our list when trying to build your confidence level. And mind you, you do not have to choose just one new hobby you can decide to pursue as many as you can. Like in my case i choose color, reading and exercising. As you can see the are all small hobbies i can juggle together. Try not to do too much at a time or you will only wear yourself out. 
- Start thinking about the future. 
Growing up I had this mindset of going to school and graduating with a good job so I could get a safe 9 to 5 but after coming to uni and discovering myself I realized that what I really wanted was a complete opposite to that. So, if you're like me and you want to work for yourself I'd advice that you starting of what you could do now that could help your career. When you start taking these baby steps and they eventually start leading you somewhere that will help make you more confident especially career wise. 
- work on yourself. 
Most of the time we tend to believe that we are the best we can be or we are the nicest person on earth which isn't always the case. As human beings we aren't perfect and there's always going to be something about us that isn't good. This doesn't mean you have to change yourself completely however there are some of them you could work on. when you work on then you start to feel better which in turn makes you more confident. 
- Try to become independent. 
As someone who never had a lot of friends I used rely so much on the few I had. Wanting to do everything with them, waiting for them to escort me before i go places and so on. However recently I have kind off found myself alone which even further reduced my confidence level. But i decided I wasn't going the sulk about the whole situation but instead i was going to start to do thing myself. This has really worked for me. I even attended a kind of concert thing alone and I enjoyed it. 
- Let go of the past. 
 There are obviously somethings that happened in the past or some people you had something to do with, and when those things cross your mind or you see those people you can't help but want the ground to swallow you or you decide to take the other way. In order to get over this you need to think about what happened admit your fault and forgive what needs to be forgiven and gradual it will all start to go away. 
- Think out of the box. 
Another method that has helped me a lot so far is that of thinking outside the box. Doing away with the ways society built around me. Before when I think of things i would want to do I used to limit myself to a lot of things but now I am learning to have a more opened mindset and to not view anything as too much for me. 
- Start crawling towards your dreams. 
There's this saying that if you can't run you walk, and if you can't walk you crawl but don't stand doing nothing. I have always wanted to run a blog, be a you-tuber but I only kept saying it without doing anything out of the fear of what other people were going to think. However, as I try every day to crawl toward my dream I  can say my confidence is also increasing with as much as I can get done. 
           So that is it. I generally feel there isn't any one who these methods won't work for however, you never know. As for me I  can see myself getting more confident by the day and I  can't wait to see how far I would have grown by the end of this year. Don't forget to comment bellow about what you think and also recommend your own tips. 


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