From a grateful heart.


                                     '' nothing is impossible with God''

          Few days ago, I was on the phone with my dad and he was like '' it's been two years and 4 days since you left us for school'' and am like really you were counting the days all this while. which made me really grateful to God for blessing me with such wonderful parents. Making me promise I would go through whatever length just to make them proud. Every time I think of the conversation we had I can't help but smile. How cute it was. I miss them so much. 
           AI write this post you can't even begin to imagine the amount of joy I am feeling right now at this moment. I guess I could say nothing is impossible with God. Am not the type to talk about my faith that much but then in times like this I can't help but do that. Since last year up until now I have had an issue I constantly struggled with which in fact made me really scared and even though that issue hasn't been completely taking cared of I able to say I can see the end of it. The reason I may be writing this post you may ask. well it's just for whoever is out there that needs it right now. As humans our lives can't be straight or go as we want it to because then we wouldn't be living instead we would only be existing. it is due to those little or even mighty bumps we meet on the road here and there that we are able to grow and mature through all the experiences that comes our way. For the past few months I can say I haven't really had anyone to talk and I decided to focus on my prayers and grow myself through the teachings of the bible and it's so amazing to see how much I have grown in such short period of time. whatever religion you might identify with when you face such bumps in life I believe it's just a reminder that you aren't in this alone and you need to go back to your creator. whatever you might be going through as you read this post I just want you always have it at the back of your mind that nothing lasts forever and that your current situation will soon be over. Always remember to grow to be a good person. As always I am sending love your way. take care. 




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