Comfort Zone; A Frienemy (friend-enemy)


          ''until you cross the bridge of your insecurities, you can't begin to explore your possibilities''
              As far as I know one of the greatest battle we will ever fight as humans is that against ourselves. Until we are able to defeat our minds and be in control, we will constantly struggle with things like living out of our comfort zone. For as long as I can remember I used to be the type to lay on my bed thinking and imaging what I want to do and even seeing myself in those situations but at the end of the day, well I never really did anything to get me to those places. I used to be so sacred of doing something new so I wouldn't come off to others as been too much. I used to tell myself to stick to what I am already known for that way I wouldn't attract so many attentions to myself and end up becoming a topic of discussion. Things obviously never changed instead I felt like I had been stuck in a particular place for years and it was time to leave that place. Leaving that place was obviously not a piss of cake. I had to learn to stop been Josephine who only went out when it was compulsory, slept almost 90% of the time, who always couldn't wait for classes to be over so she could go back to her movie marathons to become a Josephine that is conscious of every minute, that is taking steps towards her dreams and is learning to be more open to new things.  To be honest I failed a lot of times. But after experiencing so many failures I have come to realize that the motivation we have when we decide to start out something will eventually disappear someday but it's then up to you to continue even in those time. For me after the first blog I ran which was somewhat doing okay I have had to quit and start over a new blog about three to four times. when you have had to start all over again many times failure will no longer scare you. It in fact has pushed me to want to do better. Pushed me to do new things, leave my comfort zone and like the saying ''the first steps are always the hardest''. These days I even surprise myself with the number of things am able to do and amount of ideas am able to come up with.  

  After stepping out of my comfort zone at least to an extent I have taken up a lot of challenges and I like where most of them are headed. Currently I have been working on launching a you-tube channel and I can tell it hasn't been easy for me. Even at this point I still quit only to wake up the next day with a changed mind. But one thing I have always told myself is to take my time. I don't have to rush things so long as I am crawling towards my dreams. I will continue to bring you an update on how I continue to push myself. My you-tube channel will be launching on the first of next month(November) but in the mean time you could subscribe so you don't miss out. Have a wonderful day. 💖💖 


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