A New Hobby.

    ''you are one decision away from a totally different life''

Not too long ago i decide to pick up new hobbies since i was looking to raise my confidence level. My intention was to try as much as i could and see which one i would be able to stick to the longest. I tried exercising, stretching, cooking, painting and reading. However i have only been faithful to about three of them which is exercising, reading and painting especially. If i was told i would come to like painting as much as I do now i would have definitely laughed at that person. Now a days i literally spend a lot of time on pinterest viewing other people's works and wishing i could do the same. When i go to the supply stores i try not to spend to much on painting accessories or tools(don't know which one is right). I guess that's how excited i am to learn how to paint. I also started to keep a journal which i will be sharing with you guys when it's complete but for the mean time i don't mind sharing what i have done in the past few days. I haven't actually done anything serious. Right now i am still trying to get used to holding the brush. Of course i just started so i hope you guys don't expect too much from me and get disappointed. Since am still a novice i just hope that what ever i show is accepted. Don't forget to send me your words of encouragement in the comment section.💓💓💓


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