Book review : just one day

  Hello guys, so remember how I challenged myself to start reading at least a book a month, well I just cleared that for this month and I wanted to give you guys a review of it just in
case you're currently looking for what to read. Don't worry, 😼 I won't be giving any spoilers. So, from the title of this post you can tell the name of the book and it was written by Gayle Forman an American young adult fiction author and a best seller. Just one day is the story of a girl named Allyson who due to how over protective her parents were started to live as the daughter her parents wanted and not the person she truly was. when a field trip goes wrong and she finds herself on a train to Paris with a stranger with whom she was supposed to spend a day with she had her eyes opened to new things and went on a roller coaster ride from there. Did she return from Paris after a day? Did she fall in love with this guy? Did she find her true self?  You might want to go read the book cause like I said I isn't giving any spoilers. Personally, I really enjoyed the book and I admire the writer's descriptive skills. Even though I am yet to traveled Europe after reading this book, it seems like an easy thing to do. If you have read this book on the other hand let us know by commenting the name of the male character below. Also, did you like the end of the book? what did you think was missing? Below is a link to the online PDF form of the book. ENJOY!! 
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