My veggie noodles recipe.

 welcome to my blog. for this post as you can tell from its tittle I will be sharing one of my noodles recipe with you. For this particular recipe I would like recommend it for days when you feel drained
and want to replenish your body with vitamins from vegetables also you can have this on a cold winter night especially if you make it really spicy. I had planned to make homemade noodles and use it for this recipe instead but that didn't go as planned. I kind of messed it up so maybe I will try it later again when I have mastered making my own noodles. In order to avoid talking too much here's the recipe. 
Dried pepper 
Quarter of a teaspoon tomato paste 
Desired spices 
Chopped vegetables 
* First of all, you want to boil your water with the tomato paste and dried pepper for a while so it will cook and not taste raw 
*Then you can spice the mixture with any desire spice of your choice. 
*After a while you add both noodles and veggies together. I don't know about but I am the type that dislike over cooked noodles of vegetables that's why I add them together. 
*If you're the type that likes water filled noodles like me you can continues to add water so it will have enough when ready. 

what it looks like when the tomato paste and pepper is boiling 

After I added the noodles and vegetables. 
    You can also start cooking with meat or fish stock as the base instead of just water and dried pepper. Enjoy your meal. 


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